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Do’s and Don’ts You Must Follow to Elevate your Home Decor..!!

Saying wouldn’t be wrong that a home is a place where you can relax after a long hectic day. All that you need after an effortful day is a calm, elegantly decorated, and comfortable space. No matter whether you live in a big villa or a flat, you just need your living space as attractive and cozy as possible. But, achieving that beautiful decor of your living space needs some analysis and some sort of interior decoration sense. Most of the people love to decorate their home space by themselves. But, some pitfalls need to be focused on when decorating the interior spaces on your own.

Let’s have a look at some of the common do’s and don’ts that can help you in decorating the living space:

Don’t match everything in terms of color combination

While decorating your home space, it is important to look at the color combination. Using wall and furniture both with matching colors might appear sophisticated to you, but trust me you’ll soon get bored of it. So, always, try to use different pieces of decoration that can attract the sight of onlookers and can add interest to the available space. An experienced interior designer has a clear understanding of how color and shade effects between different objects, and wall portions affect the aesthetics of the room. Don’t hesitate to take expert suggestion if you really want an impressive outlook.

Don’t choose the wrong size of decorative items

To give a perfect look to space, you need to get the right size and format of the decorative accessories. If you want a hanging light or a planter for your dining space then you need to find the perfect size. Extra-long or too-small things won’t look good when it comes to interior decoration. Make sure to focus on the precise proportion when choosing a decorative piece.

Make proper usage of lighting

If you’re using proper lighting then it will add elegance to the entire space. A well-chosen lighting decor items can transform the entire appearance of a room considerably. In the market, there is the availability of different lighting statement pieces that can enhance the look. Consider choosing pendant lamps or chandeliers as per the theme that can bring an incredible effect. Right from dining space to your hallways, you need to install uniquely designed lighting items for elegance.

Create a group of decorative accessories on walls

Sometimes, we don’t focus on giving a makeover of the walls. It would be better to select a wall, paint it beautifully, and then decorate it with a group of photo frames or some wall art. This increases the overall value of the wall and differentiates it from other areas of the home. A few vintage decorative items would be just perfect to incorporate the look you want on the walls.

Also, remember one thing, just don’t try to over decorate your wall, in spite of elevating the aesthetics of room, it can create negative impact on it.

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